Will Smith on Drake Beef “Submissive Should Move with His Auntie & Uncle in Bel-Air”

“I’m no crip or blood, yet I’m certain Meek can’t demonstrate his face in the roads of Philly at this moment” Said Will Smith about his Philadelphia brethren Meek Mill.

Will Smith talked his piece on Meek Mill versus Drake hamburger after a feature surfaced on online networking of Will, Drake and Kanye sharing a giggle at Mr. Tame Mill’s cost.

“This like Will beefing with Carlton. It just ain’t reasonable. Drake excessively shrewd and Meek resembling the stupid harasser.” – Will Smith

Drake Will Smith Kanye

Will Smith says he enjoys when the hamburger remains focused and considers Drake the victor regardless. “Drake’s worth $85 million and Meek’s worth Rick Ross’ month to month lemon pepper bill? Lol”.


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