21-year old Stephanie Hernandez is dead after her boyfriend, Rafael Gonzales, allegedly shot her in the head on accident. After further investigation, police found that Stephanie had uploaded a few photos of her boyfriend holding up a loaded gun to her head. The photos kind of hurt Gonzales’ case yesterday as he plead not guilty to the charges and was given a $1 million bond.

The couple shared an apartment with another one in Little Rock, AK and KARK 4 News is reporting, “That evening before police were called, the male roommate who found Hernandez, ran into Gonzalez, and the murder suspect was crying. Gonzalez told his roommate that he had just shot Hernandez in the head, and then he fled the area, police said.

The roommate who found Hernandez and called police later told officers that he had seen Gonzalez on numerous occasions at the house with a green pistol, the report states. In fact, the female roommate told police that Gonzales “routinely plays around with a pistol” while “playing around.”

The police report obtained by KARK notes that a green .45 caliber pistol and box of ammo was found under a shed nearby. It was first confirmed that these belonged to Gonzales after he had carelessly left up pictures of the green gun and ammo located near his home.
What’s more upsetting is that Stephanie and Rafael were just getting their lives back on track according to her uncle, Rey Hernandez.

Stephanie has an 8 year old and they share an 8 month old baby together. “It’s hurting. It’s hurting all of us,” said Rey Hernandez. “Really distraught. We are in pain. We didn’t expect this at all.”

Please don’t play around with guns, guys! Don’t ever think that this could never happen to you.

Roommates, please keep this family in your prayers!


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