The Indiana woman named Christina Lorena Reber was sentenced two years in prison for “bursting” her ex-boyfriend’s balls as payback for breaking up with her.

The 46-year-old was charged with felony battery after she attacked the 60-year-old victim in March 2012.

According to a police report, Reber flew into a rage after the man broke up with her a few days earlier, which prompted her to break into his house and start punching him in the head. From there, Reber then went for the family jewels, grabbing the man’s scrotum and “squeezing as hard as she could.”

After a scuffle, the victim was finally able to release himself from her clutches and fell to the floor in excruciating pain.

That’s when he noticed his balls had “burst” and Reber was holding pieces of his testicles in her hand. The victim was forced to “pry” the pieces of his balls from Reber’s hand.

The victim was treated at Muncie’s Ball Memorial Hospital, where he received stitches and later required reconstructive surgery – where they were able to put his BALLS back together. To this day, he still experiences pain from his injury.



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