A distraught mother is nursing multiple stab wounds after she was attacked by another woman trying to steal her baby!

The accused baby thief is said to be 24 yr old Chantelle Codner of Mccooks Pen St Catherine. Everything took place this past Christmas Eve at around 9:30pm inside the victim’s home.

Apparently Codner is a friend of the new mom, 43 yr old Charlene Barrett. Codner was hanging out inside the house all day and waited until late night to carry out her attack. She approached the mother and demanded her newborn baby.

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When the mother refused, Codner proceeded to stab her all over the neck, head, arms and face. The shocked mother in attempt to save her baby from being kidnapped, could not fight off her attacker.

According to our source, Codner was pregnant some months prior but the baby unfortunately did not survive. This could be the reason behind her sudden attack. Codner fled the scene and the mother was rushed to the hospital. The newborn baby was left unharmed. Police is now searching for the whereabouts of Chantelle Codner. Wow, just crazy .


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