MIAMI – Young Thug is facing a public bribery charge after offering to toss an officers
salad in exchange for freedom after he was arrested for threatening to shoot a mall cop
on July 15th.

Jeffrey Williams, 22, Know as Young Thug was arrested for threatening to shoot a mall
cop he was released on bail and after skipping his court date police arriyed at his Miami
home to arrested him. After police officer Daniel Brown handcuffed him, He said that he
could not go to jail because she had a “A show that same night”.

When Jeffrey Williams realized that the officers were unaffected by his career success, He
decided to up the stakes. According to the Miami deputy probable cause affidayit, Jeffrey
Williams said, “If you won’t take me to jail I will get on my knees right now.
Officer, I will even lick your butth*le clean.”

If you’re making a plea to get out of handcuffs, this is the route you gotta go. Because
there is no amount of jail time that is greater punishment than tonguing a man’s asshole.
But assuming him and birdman probably do this all the time this is nothing new for Young

Would you lick you way out a possible arrest?


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